Places Where You Must Visit While You Are At San Antonio with Frontier Airlines

If you are a history buff and loves to explore the history and their stories behind it, then you must visit San Antonio at least for once in your life having your Frontier Airlines ticket online.

Meanwhile, here are some of the places where must visit.

San Antonio Museum of Art

The San Antonio Museum of Art opened to the general public in 1981. The spacious museum is home to a tremendous collection of over 30,000 objects that represent 5,000 years of culture from everywhere on the planet, including principal works from Greek, Roman, and Egyptian antiquities alongside Latin American, Pre-Columbian, Asian and Contemporary art, all exhibited with very informative descriptions. There’s also an excellent novelty shop and excellent café to visit!

Missions National Historical Park

Mission in San Antonio, one must visit during their historical exploration.

The Missions were established in the 1700s and looked on as shelter by the South Texan population after having lived in constant fear of attack from Apache raids.

Entering a Mission meant that that they had to renounce their former lives and accept their new religion. However, many great parishioners who are descendants of Mission Indian believe in the same and had built these beautiful churches.

There are 4 superbly preserved Missions to go, which are peaceful and beautiful. So, if you are someone who likes to feel serenity, then must visit San Antonio having a round trip ticket from the Frontier Airlines Official Site.

Morgan’s Wonderland

Morgan’s Wonderland is an amusement park for children and adult.

However, this park was renovated and rebuilt in order to offer its visitors the best and offers 25 attractions.

The venue is developed by Gordon Hartman and inspired by his daughter Morgan. The park is amazing in every way. It offers the best safety to its visitors and the staff over here is excellent.

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