Insane Lakes in Mexico that will satiate your desire for ultimate adventure

Mexico is one of the most beautiful cities located along the southern region of North America. Mexico has been blessed with endless natural beauty and stunning lakes. Mexico is home to a gigantic number of lakes, the most popular ones being Chihuahua, Baccarac, Lake Catemaco, etc.

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Baccarac Lake: Baccarac Lake is a man-made lake situated along with the Sierra Madres Mountain ranges and is one of the best lakes for fishing. Fishes weighing up to more than 24lbs have been caught here and is most celebrated for its big bass. It is a haven for the fishing community and is more than 326ft deep.

Lake Casa Blanca: Lake Casa Blanca is located near Blanca International State Park and is one of the most beautiful lakes in Mexico. This lake is one of the best places to enjoy endless outdoor activities ranging from camping, fishing, boating, swimming and spotting amazing wildlife species.

Laguna Bacalar: Laguna Bacalar or the lake of seven colors is located along the Belize border of Mexico. This lake is encompassed by tropical beauty, coconut trees, exotic orchids and is home to several tropical birds. Laguna Bacalar is mostly visited for skiing, boating, and sailing.

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