Haiti is a beautiful Caribbean country adjacent to Hispaniola and the Dominican Republic. There are many landmarks in Haiti of the 19th-century era. Some of the famous places in the country are Citadelle la Ferrière, Sans-Souci Palace, the royal home of King Henry, etc. These places are of national as well as historical importance. To explore, book your Frontier Airlines Reservations now!

Voodoo journey to Saut-d’Eau

Plan to explore the area with your loved ones. Wander around the tropical greenery of the mainstream region of Haiti. Visit Saut-d’Eau to witness the stunning perspective around and get to know about the place’s religious importance.

The place is a must-visit in order to witness the beautiful natural views. Plan a session of swimming and trekking around here. Click some great photographs here with your family and friends.

Visit the Unique City of Jacmel

The astounding city was flourished back in 1698 and is situated in the southern region of the country. The city still has numerous houses that were built back in the twentieth century. Witness the great architecture and engineering of the old era. Visit the iconic Hotel Florida, which is a perfect example of classical design and taste.

Ziplining Tour

Go for a zipline tour in Haiti, which attracts a large number of global tourists who are seeking some real adventure. Witness the magnificent nature around including beaches, mighty mountain ranges, and lush green cover. Experience the thrilling ziplining here with your mates

Enjoy the Food and Art of Haiti

Explore the Haiti Iron Market which was developed back in 1889. Witness the tall iron structures with a touch of Arabian design. Head to the iconic Port-au-Prince known for its wonderful history. People from around the region visit Iron Market for every purpose like buying vegetables, natural products, and meats of Caribbean flavor. The market place has great examples of Haitian culture and artworks.

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