Best Road Trips You Can Make from Philadelphia with Frontier Airlines

Philadelphia is an excellent place for exploring and living. There are times when you just want to get out of the town for rejuvenation and to enjoy a new city. The blog is about best road trips that you can take from Philadelphia

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Fly away to your beloved destination with Frontier Airlines. Following is the list of road trips that you can make from Philadelphia.

 The Jersey Shore

When you decide to visit Jersey Shore you will be in for a treat as the whole family can enjoy. During a hot summer day, there is no better feeling than relaxing by the ocean. Further, you can explore boutique stores and restaurants.


This place is known for its colonial and industrial history. Bethlehem isn’t too far and is popular for festivals throughout the year. It has got beautiful parks and interesting museums. Further, there is Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem that draws a big name in the field of comedy and music.

 New York City

New York City is very close to Philadelphia. Here you can see plenty of things starting from New Jersey, Lincoln Tunnel, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of art and so on. Further, you can enjoy wining and dining.


For a short trip from Philadelphia, Baltimore is a great option. One can visit various places here like an aquarium, fort, art, museum and so on. Further, you can walk by the waterfront and enjoy fresh crab.

 Pocono Mountains

For Philadelphians, it is an all-year-round destination. During winter one can enjoy snowfall and do various activities like hike, ski and so on.

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