Indian restaurants in Washington to enjoy some Finger-Licking food

Indians from all over the world craving for the warmth of home food whenever they go abroad. Due to the well-balanced flavor profile of Indian delicacies which in turn leave a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth so because of this Indians miss their mouth-watering cuisines. So, if you are planning to visit Washington, then for awesome deals contact Frontier Airlines flights.

For your knowledge, find below the good Indian restaurants that offer the best Indian delicacies.

 Karma Modern Indian

It serves Indian food i.e. palak paneer and chicken tikka with a delightful twist in flavor-profile by laying the foundation stone with fresh and locally-produced ingredients. The main theme of this restaurant is star fruit and truffles. For the offers, I would suggest you contact the Frontier reservation team.


This restaurant is famous for hardcore vegetarian food lovers and is famous for serving the best South Indian delicacy. Woodlands is famous for serving the South Indian thali with their roots embedded from the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Madras


It is famous for serving authentic Indian Traditional food with the aromas of cumin, garlic, and ginger. At Rasoi, they combined the aromatic herbs & natural spices to create Indian dishes. Rasoi— which means kitchen in Hindi. It is a meat lover’s paradise and famous in murgh makhani and masala pepper ghosts. For vegetarians, they served tawa baingan masala with fleshy eggplants dressed in an Indian gravy sauce which is quite a famous delicacy for vegetarians. So, for better deals, I would suggest you contact Frontier Airlines team if you want to go and try the cuisine served by Rasoi.

 Bindaas Foggy Bottom

It invites you to experience the vibrant smells and tastes of the street food of India. The main delicacy of Bindaas Foggy Bottom includes bhel puri, uttapam, kebabs and most famous dish of this restaurant is the keema pao, minced lamb flavored. It serves Indian comfort food and for better pricing, Frontier Airlines Reservation is the best option.

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Astonishing things about Florida which nobody will guide you

Frontier Airline reservations, many travellers can opt for a rental home as per their budget for their accommodations at various spots i.e. at breezy beach house, modern or pleasantly old-fashioned cottage. Florida is famous for its alligators, beautiful beaches and theme-based park so they can experience the same thing and the most everlasting exposure they can have by visiting the Everglades National park which is an astounding place in Florida.

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There are many places to travel over while you are in Florida as it is famous for amusement parks, crops, Disney-land, winter vegetables, the Kennedy space centre which is originally known as the NASA Launch Operations centre and is quite a famous destination for retirees. As far as climatic conditions are concerned, summers are long, very warm, and equitably humid and regarding the winters they are quite gentle with periodic invasions of cool to occasionally cold air.

It is famous for an international style of Art Decor architecture and design which emerged in the 1930s. Inspired by the Miami Modern style they build the buildings keeping in mind the client demands, majorly focusing on the themes of glamour, fun-frolic thing and efficient style of the era.

Florida is distinguished between two parts i.e. Northern and Southern Florida. So, regarding the Northern part, it is quite a hilly region based upon the old historical part and cooler area while the southern part is concerned then it is a comparatively cooler warmer region and the economy is fully developed one. People residing in Florida cultivate majorly in citrus fruits i.e. Oranges and grapefruit while tomato is the leading vegetable crop. Major people who are residing in Florida follow Christianity although, relatively half of the population are from the Jewish community.

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Best Places to Eat Out in Cleveland Ohio with Frontier Airlines

The most popular city in Ohio is Cleveland. It is considered a cultural spot with amazing food and great breweries. The food of Cleveland reflects its culture and history. The blog is about top places to eat out in Cleveland.

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For an excellent travel experience, fly away with Frontier Airlines. Following is the list of best eat-outs in the city of Cleveland.


It is an American-Japanese restaurant opened by Chef Jonathan Sawyer who brought his love for ramen noodles to Cleveland. The downtown restaurant scene is all about fun and imagination with a mix of traditional flavors. The dishes are made up of ingredients that are locally sourced.

 Kim Se Cambodian Cuisine

Cleveland’s most popular place is the west side market which has plenty of food market. Further, it has Kim Se Cambodian Cuisine that specializes in Southeast Asian Foods. One can try their famous food and that is shrimp or chicken pad Thai. It is made with high flavor and genuine ingredients.

 Contemporary Mexican cuisine

Since the year 1999, Roberto Rodriguez is serving authentic Mexican food. The restaurant was featured in America’s best top ten food destinations. Here you can choose from a variety of dishes and along with that different type of salsas.

 Great Lakes Brewing Company

Cleveland has a history of brewing so, in the year 1988, Great Lakes Brewing Company was opened by Patrick and Daniel Conway. It is extremely popular among the locals and now beer is provided to thirteen other states.

Earth Bistro Café

This café offers vegetarian and vegan food. It is all about healthy food but it is not boring. The star attraction of the café is Caribbean veggie, panini and so on.

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Top Mexican cuisines worth exploring at least once in your 2020 trips

From the most diverse weather to an eclectic mix of culture and tradition Mexico is a treasure trove for those avid travelers looking for some fun and adventure. Mexico has been religiously one of the most visited destinations in the world, it is home to endless attractions ranging from the Mesoamerican ruins, crowded beaches, cultural festivals, beach resorts to welcoming neighbors, Mexico promises unlimited fun on all occasions. Besides these, the cuisines in Mexico cannot be rivaled with any other place. It has the most interesting food culture and it’s hard to not fall in love with it.

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Chiles en nogada: Chiles en nogada is a dish that is has been filled with shredded meats, different fruits, spices, aromatics and topped with some nogaga or cream sauce made of walnut, sprinkled with pomegranate seeds. Sometimes fillings can be different on different occasions ranging from apple, peach or sweet milk pear. This Mexican dish is mostly prepared during the months of August or September when pomegranates are readily available in the market.

Pan de Muerto: Pan de Muerto or pan de Los Muertos is a Mexican baked bread made during the festival of Dia de Muertos from October 31st-November 2nd. The bread is soft and resembles a bone-shaped phalange. It is eaten with friends, families, and relatives to mark the event. The bone structure in the bun signifies the circle of life and can be found only in Mexico.

Huevos rancheros: Huevos rancheros is usually a Mexican breakfast where two eggs topped with a different sauce, charred corn, chili peppers, onion, cilantro and accompanied by fried beans, avocados and according to one’s desire.

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Best Road Trips You Can Make from Philadelphia with Frontier Airlines

Philadelphia is an excellent place for exploring and living. There are times when you just want to get out of the town for rejuvenation and to enjoy a new city. The blog is about best road trips that you can take from Philadelphia

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Fly away to your beloved destination with Frontier Airlines. Following is the list of road trips that you can make from Philadelphia.

 The Jersey Shore

When you decide to visit Jersey Shore you will be in for a treat as the whole family can enjoy. During a hot summer day, there is no better feeling than relaxing by the ocean. Further, you can explore boutique stores and restaurants.


This place is known for its colonial and industrial history. Bethlehem isn’t too far and is popular for festivals throughout the year. It has got beautiful parks and interesting museums. Further, there is Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem that draws a big name in the field of comedy and music.

 New York City

New York City is very close to Philadelphia. Here you can see plenty of things starting from New Jersey, Lincoln Tunnel, Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of art and so on. Further, you can enjoy wining and dining.


For a short trip from Philadelphia, Baltimore is a great option. One can visit various places here like an aquarium, fort, art, museum and so on. Further, you can walk by the waterfront and enjoy fresh crab.

 Pocono Mountains

For Philadelphians, it is an all-year-round destination. During winter one can enjoy snowfall and do various activities like hike, ski and so on.

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Interesting Facts about Bismarck that will help you delve deeper into its amazing culture

Bismarck is the second most populated city in North Dakota that lies in Burleigh County. With an estimated population of 1, 32,678 according to the 2017 census, Bismarck has been ranked as one of the fastest-growing small cities in the U.S according to Forbes. There are plenty of facts to learn about Bismarck especially if you have been planning to travel there soon. Bismarck is an amazing tourist destination and if you think you need to explore this city soon, then start planning for your trip by making an advance reservation with Frontier Airlines Reservations.

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Here are some amazing facts about Bismarck that will help you gather more knowledge about this amazing city:

  • Bismarck was originally founded in 1872 by the European Americans along the eastern bank of Missouri River.
  • Bismarck was originally formed from the Dakota Territory and initially served as the capital of North Dakota since 1889.
  • It got its name from Bismarck from the Mandan River after a Native American tribe.
  • Bismarck is sandwiched right at the center of Great Plains between Canada and the United States. Therefore it experiences four different types of the season from a humid continental type of climate to cold, snowy, humid and snowy winters,
  • Some of the most notable people of Bismarck include Leslie Bibb, Kent Conrad, Ronnie Cramer, Clay Jenkinson, etc.
  • Bismarck is home to the World War 1 Memorial Building that has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Some of the popular tourist attractions in Bismarck include Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, McDowell Dam Lake, Abraham Lincoln State Park, Dakota Zoo.

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Activities Involving Adventure in Missouri with Frontier Airlines

Missouri is known for its wide attractions which makes it an ideal place to plan out adventure. Starting from an exploration of the mountain, making re-connection with nature or doing something out of ordinary. The blog is about various activities that involve adventure.

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In order to enjoy your travel destination, fly away with Frontier Airlines Reservations. Following is the list of top adventure activities that you can do in the city of Missouri.

 Scuba dive in Bonne Terre Mine

During the 1960s Bonne Terre Mine closed down. The miners left this place and groundwater transformed it into a lake. In today’s time, people can do diving and explore various things located underwater like ghost towns, artifacts, buildings, locomotives and so on that are preserved a hundred feet below the water.

 ATV adventure in Ozark Mountains

By renting an ATV one can go off-roading in the Ozark mountains. The scenery out here is exceptionally beautiful. Riders who feel there is a requirement of guidance can go for a session of instruction before 30 minutes ride. Further one can go for a 90-minute drive.

 Katy Trail

One can do a lot of activities on Katy Trail, starting from biking, walking or horse riding. Adventurers who are interested in taking up the challenge can see how far they can go on a 240-mile trail. You can get to see the scenery, historical sites, and wineries while walking on the trail.

 Zipline in Swope park

Just a few minutes away from Kansas City, one can enjoy swinging, climbing and so on in the canopy of Swope Park. For adventure seekers, the walk along the treetop is a must so that you get to see gorgeous and unique views.

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Insane Lakes in Mexico that will satiate your desire for ultimate adventure

Mexico is one of the most beautiful cities located along the southern region of North America. Mexico has been blessed with endless natural beauty and stunning lakes. Mexico is home to a gigantic number of lakes, the most popular ones being Chihuahua, Baccarac, Lake Catemaco, etc.

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Kickstart one of your favorite journeys by cheap flight deals. Make your initial reservation with Frontier Airlines Reservations to reward your pockets with extra coupons, discounts and group offer even during peak seasons. Narrow down your searches with the list of lakes we have listed for you:

Baccarac Lake: Baccarac Lake is a man-made lake situated along with the Sierra Madres Mountain ranges and is one of the best lakes for fishing. Fishes weighing up to more than 24lbs have been caught here and is most celebrated for its big bass. It is a haven for the fishing community and is more than 326ft deep.

Lake Casa Blanca: Lake Casa Blanca is located near Blanca International State Park and is one of the most beautiful lakes in Mexico. This lake is one of the best places to enjoy endless outdoor activities ranging from camping, fishing, boating, swimming and spotting amazing wildlife species.

Laguna Bacalar: Laguna Bacalar or the lake of seven colors is located along the Belize border of Mexico. This lake is encompassed by tropical beauty, coconut trees, exotic orchids and is home to several tropical birds. Laguna Bacalar is mostly visited for skiing, boating, and sailing.

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Amazing Parks and Recreational Areas in Billings that should be explored at least once

Billings or the Magic City is amongst the largest cities in Montana that is situated along the Yellowstone County. This amazing city is an important center and is also one of the best places to enjoy several recreational activities that may not be available elsewhere. From world-famous zoos like Zoo Montana to skateboarding, hiking, boating, rappelling, food concerts, rock climbing to Christmas places, Billings of one of the best places to absolve your passion for travel.

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With so much to see and do in Billings, it’s time to start planning for your trip today. Be backed by a team of travel enthusiasts for your upcoming trips when you choose to make grab your flight tickets from Frontier Airlines Official site and offers. Check out these amazing parks and recreational areas in Billings that should be explored at least once:

Pictograph Cave: Pictograph Cave consists of three caves namely Pictograph, Ghost cave, and the middle cave. This cave is located on the southern region of Billings and is mostly celebrated for its picturesque landscapes, ancient remains and is also one of the best places to spot wild animals ranging from bison, elk, birds, and other amphibians.

Lake Elmo State Park: This state park is a public park that is located in the northeastern region of Billings, Montana. This park is widely celebrated for offering an endless number of recreational activities ranging from swimming, boating, fishing and enjoying the beachfront areas.

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area: Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area is straddled between Montana and Wyoming and has been created by Congress in 1966. The lake stretches for about 71 miles and is encompassed by the Bighorn River. Bighorn is one of the best places for trout fishing, animal watching and is home to dozens of historical ranches like Heart Ranch, Ewing Snell Ranch, Cedarvale Ranch, and Mason Lovell Ranch.

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Best Paces in North Carolina to go on an Ultimate Shopping spree

Fortunately, North Carolina has plenty of stores waiting for you to quench your desire for shopping some of the best brands affordably. Whether you are on the hunt for cashmere coats, silk dresses or simply want to have a great outdoor experience, North Carolina is home to some of the best places where you can come across that sparks your imagination. From the 7th street public market, Charlotte Premium outlets to Northlake Mall the shopping experience in North Carolina cannot be rivaled.

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Do you wish to drench yourself in some of the best streets around the world? If yes then start planning for your trip today by making your reservations with Frontier Airlines Reservations. Here are some of the best Paces in North Carolina to go on an Ultimate Shopping spree:

7th street Public Market: This market is located on 224 E 7th Street, Charlotte. This market usually remains busy and crowded with a chain of food outlets where the locals, farmers and different food entrepreneurs come together to showcase some of their best produce. From different garment designs to affordable food products, this is one of the best places to absolve your passion for shopping affordably.

Charlotte Premium Outlets: Charlotte Premium outlet is located in 5404 New Fashion Way, Charlotte. One amazing thing about this place is that sales are going on every day and its visitors can get their hands on some of the best luxury brands affordably. This luxury upscale outlet includes stores like Brooks Brothers Factory, Gap, Kate Spade, banana republic, etc.

Charlotte Warehouse Sale: Charlotte Warehouse is located in 8585 Davis Lake Pkwy, Charlotte. The warehouse is one of the best places to get great deals on designer clothes and accessories. The apparel is usually bought on bulk from the upscale stores and available on sale ranging from kids wear to maternity wear, they have it all.

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