Activities Involving Adventure in Missouri with Frontier Airlines

Missouri is known for its wide attractions which makes it an ideal place to plan out adventure. Starting from an exploration of the mountain, making re-connection with nature or doing something out of ordinary. The blog is about various activities that involve adventure.

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In order to enjoy your travel destination, fly away with Frontier Airlines Reservations. Following is the list of top adventure activities that you can do in the city of Missouri.

 Scuba dive in Bonne Terre Mine

During the 1960s Bonne Terre Mine closed down. The miners left this place and groundwater transformed it into a lake. In today’s time, people can do diving and explore various things located underwater like ghost towns, artifacts, buildings, locomotives and so on that are preserved a hundred feet below the water.

 ATV adventure in Ozark Mountains

By renting an ATV one can go off-roading in the Ozark mountains. The scenery out here is exceptionally beautiful. Riders who feel there is a requirement of guidance can go for a session of instruction before 30 minutes ride. Further one can go for a 90-minute drive.

 Katy Trail

One can do a lot of activities on Katy Trail, starting from biking, walking or horse riding. Adventurers who are interested in taking up the challenge can see how far they can go on a 240-mile trail. You can get to see the scenery, historical sites, and wineries while walking on the trail.

 Zipline in Swope park

Just a few minutes away from Kansas City, one can enjoy swinging, climbing and so on in the canopy of Swope Park. For adventure seekers, the walk along the treetop is a must so that you get to see gorgeous and unique views.

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